WinPower wins the project to provide consultancy services for SinesGH2 Solar, in Sines, Portugal

WinPower wins the project to provide consultancy services for the construction and licensing of a green hydrogen production unit, called SinesGH2 Solar, in Sines, Portugal

WinPower will provide engineering and consulting services for the SinesGH2 Solar project, developed by KemeEnergy, Lda, which will produce green hydrogen (H2) in the Industrial and Logistics Zone of Sines (ZILS).

This green hydrogen production unit foresees an investment of around 7.7 M€, with a nominal installed capacity of 4 MW and an estimated production of 240 tons of green hydrogen per year.

This project has the following main goals:

  • Build a green hydrogen production plant in the Industrial and Logistics Zone of Sines;
  • Convert part of the green hydrogen produced into electricity through the use of a solar cell to supply an energy community (CER) to be developed in the city of Sines;
  • Supply heavy vehicles powered by hydrogen through their distribution at an H2 filling station to be built near the project implementation area.

The development of this project will be carried out in the city of Sines, in the ZILS industrial park, so that the green hydrogen produced is available to the local industry (e.g., large petrochemical and refining industry) and accessible to the vast logistics and port complex.

The scope of services to be provided by WinPower involves the direction and development of licensing processes, engineering, tendering procedures, technical specifications, construction, supervision, and conduction of performance tests until the obtainment of the operating license.

The start of activity of this green hydrogen production unit is scheduled for the end of 2023.

In 2021, the SinesGH2 Solar project secured the approval of a community financing in the amount of 1.26 M€ for the construction of the 1st phase of the renewable gas production plant (H2verde). This project is part of the National Hydrogen Strategy (EN-H2), which aims to accelerate the energy transition and decarbonization of the economy, through the creation of a green hydrogen market in Portugal.