Siemens/WinPower Consortium wins for Customer EDA.

Contract for the Construction of the 30/15 kV Substation in São Roque, Pico Island, Azores.

The Siemens/WinPower consortium was selected by EDA – Eletricidade dos Açores, S. A. for the construction, supply, assembly and commissioning of the 30/15 kV substation in São Roque, located on Pico Island, Azores.

The project consists of the expansion of the existing São Roque substation at the Pico Thermoelectric Power Station, ensuring the connections of the new 30 kV transmission line between the São Roque and Madalena substations, and the 15 kV line of São Roque 1.

The project also includes the installation of a 30/15 kV, 5 MVA transformer, with automatic voltage regulation, which will ensure the proper regulation of the voltage level in the 15 kV distribution bus, thus increasing the quality of service in the electric energy distribution on the island.

With this investment, the customer EDA promotes the interconnection at 30 kV throughout Pico Island (previously carried out at 15 kV), improving the already high patterns of quality and availability for all consumers.

The Siemens/WinPower consortium was awarded as a result of a public tender, with a proposal considering differentiating technical solutions, and was in alignment with the tender process and specifications.